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Electromechanical Systems Branch/Code 544

The Electromechanical Systems Branch provides electromechanical and optomechanical engineering services to GSFC and other NASA customers. Combining proven and emerging technologies, our talented multidiscipline group develops high precision mechanisms and instruments in support of Earth, Space, and Planetary Science Missions.

544 Trained personnel provide the following functions:

  • Product Development Lead (PDL)
  • Discipline Systems Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering services including digital and analog circuit design
  • Mechanical and Electromechanical engineering
  • Optomechanical engineering
  • Assembly, Integration, and Test
  • Proposal and conceptual design support

Key deliverables include:
  • Precision mechanisms for all space environments including cryogenic applications
  • Transducers design (motors and sensors)
  • Integrated driver and control electronics
  • Instrument structure
  • Optomechanical assemblies (optical mounts, optical benches, telescope assemblies, detector packaging, etc.)

We also provide mechanical systems insight for Code 400 managed programs developed in partnership with prime contractors.

Main Office – 301-286-5194
Branch Head: Vacant
Associate: Umesh Patel
Associate: Claef Hakun
Associate: Adam Matuszeski

Website: In production.