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Advanced Manufacturing Branch/Code 547

The Advanced Manufacturing Branch provides a comprehensive set of fabrication and assembly capabilities and skills to the scientific and engineering communities of Goddard Space Flight Center. Capabilities include layup and curing of composite structures, multi axis high speed machining and turning centers, laser tracked coordinate measurement systems, CNC punch and brake sheet metal fabrication and NASA’s center of excellence for exotic electroplating and coatings. We provide services ranging from integration-ready flight hardware and precision assembly to mission critical GSE, hi-fidelity mockups, scale models and rapid prototyping. We are an integral part of all aspects of spacecraft & instrument development for GSFC, working together with technicians, engineers, and scientists, to accomplish our customer's goals.

Main Office – (301) 286-6208
Branch Head: Garcia Blount
Associate: Matt Showalter 
Associate: Marva Johnson

Website: Code 547 Website