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Environmental Test Engineering and Integration Branch/Code 549

The Environmental Test Engineering and Integration Branch provides facilities, instrumentation, data analysis, and test engineering of spacecraft, instruments, and components for environments induced by ground handling, launch, powered flight, and orbital operation. The branch also conducts mass property, magnetic and electromagnetic compatibility measurements that are required for determining spacecraft performance.

The Environmental Test Engineering and Integration Branch is composed of four groups:

The Environmental Project Engineering Section (EPE) team is composed of electrical, mechanical and environmental test engineers who provide a technical interface between flight projects and the ETE&I test facilities.

We support in-house and out-of-house GSFC projects by providing an interface between the project and the ETE&I Facilities. We provide environmental test engineering support for your project from concept to launch.

The Structural Dynamics Group at the Goddard Space Flight Center has the facilities and technical expertise to conduct vibration tests, acoustic tests, acceleration tests, static loading tests, and mass properties tests of spacecraft, scientific instruments, or their components.

The Electromagnetic Group specializes in the relatively narrow fields of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Magnetics testing. We perform related services such as the development of design fixes for excessive electrical noise generation and/or equipment susceptibility; magnetic field normalization and hardware deperming, and magnetometer calibrations. In addition to performing a variety of field tests in these closely related disciplines, we maintain two state-of-the-art EMC testing facilities and a near-world-unique 13-m diameter Helmholtz coil facility for the performance of magnetic dipole moment and other magnetic-field-oriented tests in an environment unaffected by the earth's ever-varying magnetic field.

The Space Simulation Test Engineering Groupís mission is to provide full service test support, engineering expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities to perform simulated space and thermal cycle testing of Earth orbit and deep space flight hardware.

Main Office – (301) 286-0194
Branch Head: Carmine (Matt) Mattiello 
Associate: Ed Packard,