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The Parts, Packaging, and Assembly Technologies Branch maintains critical technical skills for Electrical/Electronics/Electromechanical(EEE) parts and provides parts engineering services to meet the performance, reliability, and programmatic needs of flight instruments and spacecrafts for internal and external customers and partners. The EEE parts engineering services encompasses: parts selection and acquisition; parts characterization, qualification, inspection and screening; parts application and reliability assessments; parts anomaly investigation and failure analysis; maintenance and operation of parts databases; and supports development and dissemination of parts alerts and advisories.

The Branch provides unique and essential services in the packaging, fabrication, assembly and rework of electronics for space flight projects to meet mission requirements and for technology partners to meet the advanced development goals.

The Branch also provides design, manufacturing, qualification and screening of fiber optic cables, laser optics and opto-electronic components; spearheads the building and integration of custom flight fiber optics assemblies for interconnecting unique fiber optics interfaces, and advances the development of new fiber optics components and assembly techniques in partnership with industry and other government organizations.

The Branch establishes and operates extensive test facilities, laboratories, and computer-based analysis capabilities as well as maintains an active leadership presence in the space community through collaborations and dissemination of technical information related to EEE parts, packaging and assembly techniques and fiber optics technology.

Branch Head: Kusum Sahu
Associate Head: Chris Green

Main Office: (301) 286-6631