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Power Systems Branch, Code 563

Fiber Optics


The Power Systems Branch provides the Center with expertise and capabilities in electrical power generation, conversion, management, distribution, and processing for space applications. Power systems engineering expertise is provided for all phases of science instrument, special payloads, and spacecraft flight projects, from conceptual design, through detailed design, development, test, launch, operations, and end-of-life disposal. Electrochemical discipline engineering expertise is provided to develop, deliver and operate flight batteries, and to advance energy storage technologies for longer life and higher energy density primary and secondary batteries, for payloads and spacecraft applications.

Photovoltaic discipline engineering expertise is provided to design, develop and deliver flight solar cell arrays, and to advance solar-electric energy conversion technologies via higher efficiency solar cells for space flight applications.

Power electronics engineering expertise is provided to design, and develop, test and deliver flight power management, distribution, and conditioning electronics and associated technologies for efficient, low noise, high and low voltage regulators and converters for science instruments, special payloads, and spacecraft. Test equipment and ground support equipment for all disciplines are also developed within the branch.

Branch Head: Thomas Yi
Associate Head: Eric Young

Main Office: (301) 286-5846