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Avionics & Electrical Systems Branch, Code 565



The Avionics & Electrical Systems Branch provides expert leadership in the design, development, and verification of avionics systems architectures, avionics interfaces compatibility (electrical, electromagnetic, etc.), electrical harnessing, advanced networks, and electrical ground support equipment (EGSE).

The Branch provides avionics systems leads for spacecraft and payloads having multiple electronics subsystems, as well as electrical systems leads, harness leads, and EGSE leads for flight instruments and spacecraft projects.  Avionics systems engineers work closely with and provide technical leadership to multiple product development leads for the various electronics subsystems (data, power, communications, etc.) that are part of the avionics system.  Electrical systems engineers develop electrical interface performance requirements, technical specifications, and test plans for in-house flight projects; and provide electrical system oversight expertise to out-of-house flight projects.

The Branch develops project unique electromagnetic interference/compatibility (EMI/EMC) specifications and generates the criteria and test approach needed to ensure the EMI/EMC requirements of the flight instrument and spacecraft are met.

The Branch provides technical expertise design, develop, test, and integrate flight harnessing to flight instruments, careers and spacecraft.  Bench test equipment, simulators, and EGSE for integration & test of flight and ground electronics subsystems and systems are developed by the Branch.

Branch Head: Beverly Settles
Associate Head: Porfirio Beltran

Main Office: (301) 286-7897