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Telecommunication Networks & Technology Branch, Code 566


The Branch’s mission statement, which was crafted and voted upon by the employees, "To deliver leading edge telecommunication systems and technology to advance NASA missions, scientific discovery, and innovation”, embodies the core purpose of the Branch. The Branch currently has a total of 33 employees. The Telecommunication Networks and Technology Branch maintains core communications and networks engineering disciplines and facilities for the design, implementation, analysis, and demonstration and test of analog & digital RF systems, optical communication systems, and networks for both flight and ground hardware development. The Branch supports Projects for the Code 450 Exploration Systems and Communications Division and the NASA HQ Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN) Office, while also providing unique capabilities in the Communications and Standards Laboratory (CSTL) in Building 25.

Branch Head: La Vida Cooper
Associate Head: Lakesha Bates
Associate Head: Dave Raphael

Main Office: (301) 286-5634