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Flight Microwave and Telecommunication Systems Branch, Code 567

KA Band


The Flight Microwave and Telecommunication Systems Branch is responsible for the conception, analysis, design, development, test, and operation of state-of-the-art and advanced radio frequency (RF), microwave, millimeter wave, and optical communication components, systems, and networks.  The Branch maintains core communications and networks engineering disciplines and facilities for the design and analysis as well as the demonstration and test of RF, microwave, and optical communication systems and networks.

In addition, the Branch maintains technical expertise and key facilities, respectively, for the development and test of microwave sensing instruments.

The Branch provides expert leadership in the development, validation, and infusion of advanced technologies and standards for near-earth, lunar, and planetary space communications.  The Branch provides expertise in both space and ground networks engineering and works closely with flight projects and mission services to develop space-to-space and space-to-ground mission operations communications.

Flight and technology development efforts in the Branch cover a wide range of components (antennas, low noise receivers, radiometers, high-speed communications electronics, solid state power amplifiers, etc.).  The Branch performs hands-on engineering with industry, academia, and national labs to develop next generation components (transponder, transceivers, optical terminals, etc.); and to develop and demonstrate space communication technologies for unique mission requirements (multimission constellations, high data rate optical communications, etc.).

The Branch also provides expertise to develop technologies to improve performance of the international Search and Rescue system.

Branch Head: Shannon Rodriguez
Associate Head: Wei-Chung "Mae" Huang

Main Office: (301) 286-7665