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Flight Systems Integration & Test Branch, Code 568



The Flight Systems Integration & Test Branch is responsible for leading the integration and test activities for flight science instruments, special payloads, carriers, and spacecraft, as well as conducting functional, performance, and environment tests on these flight systems.  Components and/or subsystems are received by the Branch after completion of component/subsystem level verification programs for integration into the system.

The Branch develops and sustains a cadre of Integration and Test (I&T) managers to plan and coordinate I&T activities for the flight system.  The Branch develops and maintains a cadre of Test Conductors (TCs) to perform tests on the various components and subsystems that are integrated to the flight system.  The Branch develops and maintains a cadre of technicians to support integration and de-integration of components, as required.

The Branch works closely with flight project management, flight components/subsystems developers, ground system developers, and test facility operators to ensure that the test activities are consistent with the as built components and subsystems, as well as the function or performance to be verified.

Branch personnel are also responsible for payload operations at the launch site during integration and test of the space flight system payload with the launch vehicle.  The Branch provides I&T expertise support to the flight project during flight system development, pre-launch site I&T, shipment and launch site I&T, launch and post-launch operations.

Branch Head: Robert Kasa
Associate Head: Dion Smallwood

Main Office: (301) 286-5873