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Wallops Electrical Engineering Branch, Code 569



The Wallops Electrical Engineering Branch is responsible for the conception, analysis, design, development, validation, and implementation of flight electrical/electronics, communications and tracking, and electrical ground support systems for the Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) missions, projects, and technology initiatives.  Customers include suborbital and special projects, mission services, and observational science initiatives as well as other NASA programs and projects.

The Branch provides electrical engineering expertise for development of flight and ground electronic instrumentation and communications & tracking for WFF expendable launch vehicles, sounding rockets, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, balloons, small satellites, and special space-, air- and ocean-borne payloads.  The Branch designs, develops, and tests data acquisition and storage systems, power management and distribution systems, command and telemetry systems, communications and tracking systems, and pyrotechnic/mechanism control electronics.

The Branch works closely with WFF program and project offices to develop electrical/electronics components/systems, conduct studies and simulations, and provide technical oversight to contractors.  Capabilities are provided for technology projects and flight systems in integration and test, flight harness development, electronics parts and packaging, space, airborne, and ground telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility and RF interference, and ground systems implementation.

Mission services and capabilities include spectrum management, RF link budget analysis, and range instrumentation operation readiness. The Branch partners with other NASA organizations and government agencies and collaborates with national labs, universities, and industry in providing these products and services.

Branch Head: Daniel Mullinix
Associate Head: Lissette Martinez
Associate Head: Joseph O'Brien

Main Office: (757) 824-1084