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Electrical Engineering Division



The Electrical Engineering Division (EED) provides expert leadership in the design, development, and testing of flight electrical/electronic systems and associated technologies for GSFC and NASA missions.

Electronics developed by our engineers are in orbit around the Earth, the Moon, and several planets providing valuable data leading to exciting scientific discoveries and helping to pave the way for human exploration of the Moon and Mars. The types of missions supported include airborne, balloon, sounding rocket, and space flight missions.

We also provide Integration and Test services for Goddard in-house instruments, spacecraft, and observatories. Each Branch also provides unique facilities and laboratory services for the division. Click on the links to the left for a description of each of the branches.

Division Chief: Ardeshir "Art" Azarbarzin
Associate Division Chief: Robert Lebair
Acting Associate Division Chief: Anthony Sanders
Assistant Chief for Operations: Marcellus Proctor
Assistant Chief for Technology: Wesley Powell
Chief Engineer: Steve Graham
Division Secretary: Vacant
Associate Division Secretary: Doris Agnew

Main Office: (301) 286-5118