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Software Engineering Division, Code 580

Software Engineering Division/Code 580

Software Engineering Division Group Photo

Division Employees Group Picture - All Hands May 7, 2013


The Software Engineering Division provides quality software products, services and expertise to ensure the success of NASA missions and stakeholders. Products, services and expertise include: flight, ground and science data systems and technologies; mission environments, software engineering, software systems engineering, software/data systems project management, mission operations and mission validation capabilities.


The Software Engineering Division is a “world-class” provider of discipline expertise, and innovative and cost effective solutions and technologies which are sought after by the science and engineering communities throughout the globe.

World Class Definition: Products, services, technologies are sought by both national and international organizations. Products, services and expertise are known to be among the "best of the best". This designation denotes standard-setting excellence in terms of design, performance, quality, customer satisfaction and value when compared with similar items from anywhere in the world.

Acting Division Chief: Jerome Bennett
Associate Division Chief: Chris Durachka
Associate Division Chief: Leigh Forbes
Assistant Chief for Technology: Jacqueline LeMoigne-Stewart
Chief Engineer: Lily Bashar
New Business Lead: Dan Smith
Software Process Improvement Lead: Tamra Goldstein
Division Secretary: Kelly Hyde
Associate Division Secretary:April Morgan

Main Office: (301) 286-8623