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Mission Engineering and Systems Analysis Division, Code 590

Systems Engineering Services and Advanced Concepts Branch/Code 592


The Systems Engineering Services and Advanced Concepts Branch, has three main objectives:

1.    Applying our systems engineering expertise to the early part of the mission life cycle:  advanced concepts, proposals, and Goddard's Integrated Development Center (IDC).

The Branch provides consultation to study and project teams from a core staff of senior advisors and mentors; leadership and support to Agency and GSFC advanced concept development initiatives; services and support to proposal and concept development teams; and support to Agency review panels. The Branch produces feasible mission concepts through the early mission lifecycle: from partnership development through requirements generation and systems architecture development all the way through the formulation of comprehensive preliminary mission concepts.

 Image: The GSFC Integrated Design Center.

Integrated Modeling Process on the JWST Mission.

2.    Developing and deploying advanced systems engineering capabilities and "state-of-the-art" best practices to reduce risk across cost, schedule, and performance.

The Branch supports the development and implementation of systems engineering tools and capabilities such as systems architecting, requirements management tools, model based systems engineering, orbital debris analysis, and integrated modeling.

3.    Developing systems engineering human capital to ensure enough high-performing systems engineers to meet current and future needs.

The Branch manages Goddard's Systems Engineering Education and Development (SEED) Program and supports the continuing education needs of systems engineers across the Center.


Image: SEED Program

The GSFC SEED program.


Branch Head: Steve Schmidt
Associate Head: Carmel Conaty
Associate Head: Kris Romig
Associate Head: Vacant

Main Office: (301) 286-6406